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39 Things I Learned, Relearned, or at Least Considered During My 39th Trip Around the Sun

1. What most people consider “impossible,” isn’t. 2. We eat too often. It’s not hard to go 24 hours without food. Your ancestors regularly went longer. You can do it once week. 3. You are responsible for your own happiness. No one else is looking out for that. 4. If you had the opportunity to help with something and chose not to, shut up. None of the people actually working on the project value your opinion. 5. Knowing the rules of the game is more important than your skill level. 6. Business owners who say “I’m the only one who knows how to do ______” are lying to themselves. There’s probably someone in your organization who does it better than you and enjoys it more. 7. “Bad” debt will crush you. “Good” debt will launch you. 8. “Busy” is a shitty answer to “How are you doing?” 9. The trait that I value most in people is humility. I can’t stand to be around someone who is never in doubt. 10. No one is paying as much attention to your negative results as you are. 11. No one pays as much attention to the fancy shit you own, either. 12. Asking your spouse “do you want solutions or do you want to vent?” works 50% of the time. The other 50%, I had my tone wrong. 13. I can no longer name more than three football players on any NFL team. 14. Most people are more concerned with winning an argument than with being right. 15. Almost no one is crazy. They’re usually just motivated by something that you either don’t know about or understand. 16. We spend a lot of time talking about being in a room with “smarter” people. Almost no one is any smarter than anyone else. 17. That said, who you spend time with matters. A lot. 18. I can’t tell the difference between $12 wine and $80 wine. 19. I can tell the difference between $12 bourbon and $80 bourbon. 20. People who insist on telling you how valuable [smart, great, whatever] they are, aren’t. 21. Net worth is vanity. How much money comes into your account that you no longer trade an hour of your time for is what matters. 22. Time freedom is the highest goal. 23. If you have time freedom and aren’t teaching someone else how to get it, you’re a dick. 24. All cruelty springs from weakness. 25. I can’t remember what I had for dinner two nights ago, but I know all the words to most 2000s era pop punk songs. 26. Most TV shows should have been mini-series. Season two is usually meh. Season three almost always sucks. 27. There’s always one or two kids on a youth sports roster who drives the coach nuts starting about a third of the way through the season. I can’t imagine how teachers get through 10 months. 28. The single greatest factor in whether or not I can deliver justice in a large case is “how much insurance coverage exists?” 29. I used to think that 39 was old. If you asked me today what age is “old,” I wouldn’t have an answer. 30. I’d rather pay more up front for a vacation than pay less and swipe my credit card twenty times over the course of a week. 31. My life isn’t that hard. 32. Profiles of how successful people got there never account for survivor bias. 33. There is nothing like making a small change to a 9 year old’s batting stance and having him hit the next pitch (whether it was because of your advice or not). 34. It’s pretty easy to tell who at your dinner table never waited tables. 35. It makes no sense that college makes you to take calculus but doesn’t require you to learn how to budget or invest. 36. Since we’re all upset about what happens when the other party is in power, what if we just made government less powerful? 37. I’m not good at coming up with original ideas. But I am amazing at crafting a good idea into a great one. 38. I don’t care what your job title is. You’re in sales. 39. A beer on the beach solves all your problems.



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